The Little Pink Farmhouse

Since February of 1989, this little farmhouse nestled in the heart of Wisconsin has been left in complete solitude to crumble and decay away.  Without a single town in miles and few neighbors in sight, the farmhouse has truly managed to remain a time capsule of belongings and memories.


A house with so much visible history makes it hard to understand how so many personal artifacts can be left to nothing more than the cold hands of time.  Is it possible to love something so much, we would rather see it rot than belong to someone else?  Or do we simply see so much value in the things we love that we forget how meaningless they can be when left in the hands of a stranger.



On the other side, maybe I am being too romantic.  While I like to think of love and laughter once filling these walls, I know that some places deserve nothing more than to be forgotten and left to rot.  Not every piece of the past deserves to be remembered in the future.  There are some parts of my own life that I have pushed into the dark recesses of my mind, hoping they will slowly rot away until they are nothing more than a dark whisper.


We will probably never know what this house truly was or what it meant to the people that once inhabited it, but it doesn’t really matter anyway.  The fact is, it is there.  Whether it left a beautiful or dark mark on the world, it has simply refused to be forgotten by a world that is trying to fade it away.

4 thoughts on “The Little Pink Farmhouse

  1. Melanie March 5, 2017 / 6:43 PM

    I have had my share of bad memories to weather…and this is what I can share with you…however painful…God can and wants to carry you through to a place of healing. You are so gifted and talented and with that healing you can embrace and share so much with so many. Then when you least expect it there will be someone who wants to be so apart of your world because you will draw them in with your beautiful healed self. Remember there is growth to be gained no matter the pain and do not allow bitterness to ruin your beauty!


  2. Rich Lewis March 6, 2017 / 8:10 PM

    I find going though simple homes like this to be very painful because of the reasons you stated. It makes us want to document the place so what ever is left of its history is documented.

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      • Melanie March 8, 2017 / 6:03 PM

        It would be very difficult for me to refrain from disturbing the contents…for fear that someone would destroy what’s left if given the chance. We once had a home condemned on our block and before they came in to plow it over I asked can we at least salvage light fixtures and hooks! It had a beautiful stairway and banister …..made me so sad to watch it destroyed!


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