Long before I knew about this huge community commonly referred to as Urban Exploration photography, I was dreaming of exploring abandoned houses and mesmerized by the overgrown southern plantations and perfectly preserved European villas.  During the spring of my senior year in high school, my grandparents bought me my first “real” camera; a Canon Rebel T3i with two lenses that I thought was beyond compare.  Compared to the disposables I grew up on and the miscellaneous point and shoots I had acquired and abused over the years, this was an entirely new world.

With the help of my dad, hundreds of tutorials, and thousands of deleted pictures, I taught myself to use this beautiful new camera.  I experienced everything that comes with learning something new… I went through the frustrations of not being able to convey what I was imagining, the triumphs of finally mastering that new technique, the disappointments of thinking I had it right only to upload a very fuzzy picture, and finally, the pure euphoria of hitting save and sharing that one perfect shot. And now, six years later, I am still learning and growing as a photographer each and every time I pick up my camera.

When I think back to the first abandoned house I ever explored, it is amazing to see the difference in not only my technique, but my perception of the beauty they have to offer.  With each passing year, I have put my life and emotions into each and every image and in return, each location has left its own mark on my soul.


My First Abandoned House – Photographed in the Spring of 2010

Exploring these locations isn’t just about the shot for me.  I want to document and share each buildings unique and powerful story in the way I see it.  This blog is just my window into a different world.  It is nothing more than me sharing what I see as beautiful, even if it is nothing more than decaying ruins to the rest of the world.  These buildings are a reflection of me and the wearing of years gone by.